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24th Nov 2015
I’d like to pass on my experience with the Treat-Eezi pads.  It’s a bit convoluted and long winded, so thanks in advance for taking the time to read on!
I purchased 2 pads (to wash and use) originally for my Mother who had suffered a stroke and had been in hospital for several weeks.  I’d searched on line intending to buy an air mattress but found that the high cost of this type of equipment was way out of my reach.  Upon searching further, I found the Treat Eezi web site and considered that this lower cost option was worth a try.
However, when My Mother returned home a hospital bed was supplied along with air mattress equipment, (the type she had been using in the hospital), meaning that she never used the Treat Eezi pads.   It’s worth mentioning that upon discharge from hospital my Mother had pressure sores on her heals which were treated at home by a District Nurse.  These sores only developed while my Mother was in hospital and made the last few months of her life more painful than they needed to be.
In the meantime, my Father, a dementia sufferer,  was spending an increasing amount of time in bed and had also developed a pressure sore at the top of his buttock area.    I was trying to treat this with Conotrane and Germolene.  I used both the Treat Eezi pads on my Father’s bed to cover the whole area. I was not confident that the pads would work as the instructions recommended lying directly on the pad without clothing, which was not practical in my Father’s case.  After using the pads for 3 weeks the pressure sore healed beautifully and only a dark patch of skin was visible.  The Treat Eezi pad has remained in use for the last 9 months until now with my Father spending between 21 to 23 hours in bed each day with no sign whatsoever of any further pressure sores developing anywhere on his body.  
I think I take it for granted now that my Father does not suffer from pressure sores but know this can only be due to the Treat Eezi pads.  Considering the large amount of time he spends in bed, his physical health could be much worse by now.  Personally, as my Father’s carer, the absence of pressure sores has also made my job more bearable.  
The only negative point is that the pads would be better if they covered the entire mattress and not just a small area. That said, I would encourage anyone to try the pads as I believe they have made a big difference in my Father’s care and well-being.
Thank you and best regards
W. Jones, (Carer)

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