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Rise And Recline Chairs

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Rise And Recline Chairs

With all new chairs we will give a minimum of 12 months guarantee,this is extended on some chairs to 2 years parts and labour and then possibly  a further 3 years parts only, labour will be charged at our standard rates.

If  your chair was not purchased from DSL we will still be happy to carry out repairs to the chair

Most chairs will offer a battery back up this is normally two PP9 type and are designed to allow the chair to be put back into a standard seat position once this has been done the battery will probably need to be changed as it not a rechargeable unit,if you are prone to power cuts then you should consider purchasing a seperate battery back up,this will allow multiple rise and reclines with the power off and will then recharge when the power comes back on. Please ask us for details of this if you are interested.

There are no products available in this category at present. Please come back soon to see more of our exclusive product range.