Stairlifts are were we started over 20 years ago, so no-one knows them as well as we do, and with that experience we have been able to optimise our installation process to tick all the boxes in terms of quality, price , lead time and aftercare. We even have demo models available to try in our Wrexham showroom.

With that in mind, there are basically two types of stairlift: Straight or Curved.

Straight Stairlifts

Perfect for straight, single flight staircases. We have a variety of models available, starting at £1195.00 new, and £495.00 reconditioned. Straight lifts are available with numerous extra features including automatic or powered footplates, automatic or powered swivel mechanisms, and manual or automatic hinged tracks to save space.

We can usually fit a straight lift within a few days of completing a survey of the staircase.

Curved Stairlifts

If your staircase has an bends or corners, you will likely need to look at a curved lift. the track needs to be built bespoke by specialist manufacturers, so there is a significant price increase, starting at £3295.00 new and from £2595.00 reconditioned (a new bespoke track, but reconditioned seat and chassis). Curved lifts are available with most of the same extras as straight lifts with the exception of hinged tracks.

Some curved staircases may be suitable for the cheaper alternative of fitting 2 straight lifts, providing the user is capable of transferring between them at the corner.

We can usually fit a curved lift within a few weeks of completing a survey of the staircase.

Arranging a Survey

If you live within our Optimum Service Area, and would like to arrange a free stairlift survey, then please contact to book one today.

We will book a time convinient for you, and before you know it, one of our expert DSL engineers will be paying you a visit. We DO NOT employ any salesmen, so no comissions, or high-pressure sales pitches, only honest advice based on years of experience. He will advise you on the best stairlift to suit both you, your home and your budget, whether it is  new or reconditioned, straight or curved.

We also rent stairlifts so if you are looking for a short term solution this may be the best choice for you,rental lifts are fully covered for breakdowns and this is included in the price of the rent,there is no minimum or maximum time that a lift can be rented for.

Installation of lifts.

The lift is usually fairly straight forward to fit, and unless to the stairs and unless there are special requirements then there is minimal disruption for you, and ittle to no mess or dust caused.The approximate time for installation for a straight lift is 1-3 hours and for a curved lift 2-4 hours.


Even after we have fitted the lift, we want to take care of it, our engineers are available for callouts and repairs every day, with an engineer on-call at evenings or weekends for emergencies.

Once your guarantee period has ended, we can offer servicing options and cover-plans (an annual fee to cover any repairs needed, instead of paying per callout and even includes a service).

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