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This product is only delivered within our optimum service area. Find out if we deliver to your location.

DSL supplies a number of Stairlifts for rental (both straight and curved), however these prices reflect the rental of straight stairlifts only (that don't travel around any curves or corners on the staircase). Staircase rental starts at £43 per month, but may be higher due to the lift you require.

There is a non-refundable initial fee of £395 for a standard stairlift, this includes the 1st month's rental, along with the installation and removal of the lift. This fee is raised to £495 for a lift with a hinge track.

DSL also offers a discount if you require two stairlifts, rental costing from just £75 a month, with an initial fee of £650.

DSL is now able to offer a rental option for Curved Stairlifts, however due to the 'case-by-case' nature of a curved stairlift, we are unable to provide a set price for the service. Please call us on 01978 351926 for more infomation.



Please Note that these prices are for product with a weight limit of 18 Stone. We are able to provide more heavy duty products, but at an extra cost of 50%.


All rentals are subject to availability, and costs can change at any time.


This product is exempt from VAT if you are chronically sick of disabled, under the VAT act of 1994.
DSL Mobility will take care of all VAT elements, you do not have to reclaim the VAT. You only pay the price excluding VAT, providing you sign the exemption box at the checkout.

This product is only delivered within our optimum service area. Find out if we deliver to your location.

We believe that certain products require special attention, which is why we only deliver them to people living within our optimum service area. This means that DSL Mobility are able to take the best possible care of your products and provide the best possible service to our customers. For items delivered within our optimum service area we will not only carry out a full assessment to ensure that the product is suitable for you but we will also deliver and install your purchase, meaning you don't have to build or handle anything.

At DSL Mobility we will never pass your purchase on to anyone else to deliver or install, as we have a fleet of service engineers who are fully trained in the use of all our optimum service area products, meaning you get expert knowledge and service with every purchase.

Please check the map to see if you are in our optimum service area.

map of our optimum service area covering North Wales and the North West of England

Price: £43.00 ex VAT

£51.60 inc VAT