DSL is able to offer an equipment rental service to those in our Optimum Service Area. This is a fantastic option for both customers looking for a product on short-term basis as well as those looking to try before they buy.

All prices are for products with a weight limit of 18 Stone. Any products above this weight rating may be charged an additional 50% due to the extra costs involved in acquiring heavy duty products.

Delivery / Collection charges for all rental items: £15 each way


Additional info

Per Week Fee

Holding Deposit

Wheelchairs  – £20.00 £50.00
Carboot Scooters  – £40.00 £200.00
Road Scooters  – £40.00
(£20.00 After 3 Months)
Bathlifts  – £25.00 £100.00
Oxford Hoists Sling Not Provided £60.00 £200.00
Air Mattresses  – £40.00
(£20.00 After 3 Months)
Rise & Recliners £80.00 Initial Fee* £20.00 £200.00
Highback Chairs  – £20.00 £200.00
Specialist Chairs £80.00 Initial Fee* £30.00 £100.00
(Adjustable or Profiling)
£100.00 Initial Fee* £15.00 (Bed Only)

£25.00 (Bed & Mattress)

Ramps  – £25.00 £100.00
Small Items
(Walkers, etc.)
 – £15.00 £50.00
(Straight Staircases)
£395.00 Initial Fee*

495.00 Initial Fee*
(Hinged Track)

£695.00 Initial Fee*
(2 Stairlifts)

From £43.00 Per Month

From £45.00 Per Month
(Hinged Track)

From £75.00 Per Month
(2 Stairlifts)

(Curved Staircases)
Due to the bespoke nature of a Curved Stairlift, rental of these products is priced on a case by case basis. Please contact us to enquire further


*Initial Fee includes the delivery, installation, demonstration, 1st week of rental (1st month for stairlifts) and the collection of the item once the rental is over. This is non-refundable.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change at any time

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