Q. What are your shipping charges?
A. Please see our Delivery Page for full details.

Q. Why are some products listed as “In-Store Only”?
A. These products are larger, more expensive items that we want to be able to look after, for the product’s entire life with our signature level of aftercare. Unfortunately, we can only do this inside of our Optimum Service Area. If you live in this area, and would like to enquire about one of these products, do not hesitate to contact us.


Q. What kinds of stairlifts do I need?
A. The first thing to consider is what kind of stairlift will be suited to your home. Straight stairlifts are designed for straight flights of stairs, whereas curved stairlifts are custom built to match the shape of your staircase. Beyond this there are a number of models and variations available, though the most suitable will vary depending on the needs of the individuals users.

Q. How much do stairlifts cost?
A. Straight stairlifts can cost from  £1495.00 new, though we can also offer reconditioned models from just £495.00 with prices varying bases on model and age. With curved stairlifts you’ll normally pay from £3795.00 for a new lift, and from £3195.00 for a reconditioned model.

Q. Which manufacturer do you recommend?
A. DSL Mobility are an independent supplier, meaning we are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer. This means that we can give you honest, impartial advice, and can provide you with a model that meets your requirements perfectly.

Q. How do I go about ordering a stairlift from DSL?
A. The first step is to contact us and request a free stairlift survey. One of our expert engineers will visit you to measure your staircase, assess your needs and engage in an honest discussion over what options may be suitable, as well as answering any questions you or your loved ones may have. After this we will provide you with a quote for the discussed options. If you wish to go-ahead or discuss anything with us further, do not hesitate to contact us. Once given the green light we will arrange the installation, this can be from a few days for straight lifts to several weeks for a bespoke curved lift. Our survey and quotation are provided Free-Of-Charge with no obligation.

Q. Is a deposit required?
A. Yes, A deposit of £250.00 is required for a straight lift, and from £2,000.00 for curved, payable once you decide to go ahead with the lift.

Q. How are stairlifts powered?
A. The majority of stairlifts are now battery-powered, meaning that the lift is connected to your main electricity supply, to charge the battery. This means that if there is a power-cut you will still have full use of your stairlift.

Q. Are stairlifts noisy?
A. Modern stairlifts are DC powered and run on a low voltage, keeping noise to a minimum, so you will be able to use your stairlift any time of day without disturbing others.

Q. What happens if there is a problem with my stairlift?
A. The stairlifts we provide are of the highest quality; however, should any problems occur, we provide a 24/7 phone service to talk to an engineer and normally be able to get out to you within 24 hours if you then need a call out, so you can be safe in the knowledge that in the event of any problems, we can take care of it.

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