One of the most common questions we are asked about mobility is regarding road tax and the DVLA, so hopefully this short guide will help us to straighten things out.

Road Tax

There is no tax for mobility scooters, as they are classed as invalid carriages, and as such fall under the ‘disabled’ nil tax class.

DVLA Registration
Road Scooters (Any scooter that can travel faster than 4mph and therefore is road legal) requires registration with the DVLA. This requires the filling in of a form similar to that of car registration, and requires a proof of address. The form in question is a V55/5 for used vehicles, or V55/4 for new vehicles and both can be obtained directly from the DVLA, if not provided by your dealer. Once registered, the DVLA will supply you with registration details.

Licence Plates & Tax Discs
A DVLA registered scooter will be supplied with a licence number, but there is no legal requirement to display it. As of 2014, and the elimination of road tax discs, you will no longer be supplied with a nil tax disc, so there is no need to display one of these either.


At DSL, we aim to make things as easy as possible, so we will happily complete any DVLA forms for you, only requiring a proof of address and a signature.