Millie Mova

£114 inc VAT

VAT Exemption Available


Over one thousand users have experienced how the Millie-Mova chair moving system for the disabled and elderly improves the day to day working lives for carers. This simple chair moving device makes mealtimes safer and easier when moving people to and from the meal table. The system can be fitted to virtually any dining or highback chair with relative ease, and can be easily modified to fit metal legged chairs and even armchairs with add-ons. Astoundingly easy to use, so that even a child can use it safely and successfully. It is simply a case of pushing down on the lever with your foot, and the chair can be easily wheeled into position, whether it be at a dining table or indeed elsewhere



  • Weight Limit: 20 Stone
  • Universal kit fits virtually any dining chair and is simple to install
  • Eliminates risk of injury to carer.