Treat-Eezi Bed Pad

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The new, simple and cost effective way to treat patients susceptible to bedsores. Offering 24 hour protection from bed to chair using the same Treat-Eezi pad. The thousands of polyester fibres in each layer of the Treat-Eezi pad combine to conform to the natural body contours in both supine and seated positions thereby offering pressure relief well below that of normal capillary blood flow hence skin breakdown and shearing, plus friction are simply diminished.

This pad is sized to fit a bed, with the pad covering the majority of the bed, including the areas most susceptible to pressure sores such as lower back and hips.



  • Moisture and fluids drain to the bottom of the pad leaving the user dry.
  • Urine DOES NOT spread on the surface, but drops to the plastic base.
  • The internal Polyester works in such a way to achieve ZERO sheering.
  • Product resistant to abrasion.
  • Any movement is smoothed away as the material contracts
  • Can be frequently washed and bleached to avoid cross infection.
  • Breathable, lightweight and hard wearing for patient turning.
  • Patients will not slip whilst the chair is in a forward tilting position.
  • Not suitable for Pelvic obliquities or windswept hips.
  • Pressure testing with a Tekscan 1-Scan System at 5,400N (22.7x34.8 Inch sensing area) showed pressure mapped below 29mm of mercury on a patient weighing 12 Stone with normal bone structure.

2 Layer

3 Layer

4 Layer

39.5 Inches
39.5 Inches
39.5 Inches
31.5 Inches
31.5 Inches
31.5 Inches
Weight Capacity:
13 Stone
Weight Capacity:
17 Stone
Weight Capacity:
21 Stone
Waterproof Backing:
Waterproof Backing:
Waterproof Backing:

Considering individual circumstances may be appropriate for the use of these products.  Standard medical care must be followed at all times.  These products are not intended to replace any procedure or guidelines in place for the prevention of pressure wounds.

Due to personal hygiene reasons and to avoid cross infection being passed from one person to another we regret we are not able to accept returns of this product once it has been opened and used.


You need to seek further medical help if any of the following occur:

● An increase in the size or drainage of the sore.
● Increased redness around the sore or black areas starting to form.
● The sore starts smelling and/or the drainage becomes a green colour.
● You develop a fever.

For further information on the Treat-Eezi pads, please look at this article from

Alternativly the following documentation is available;
Clinical Report
Ultrasound Analysis (Part 1)
Ultrasound Analysis (Part 2)
Pressure Mapping (Seated)
Pressure Mapping (Supine)

Alternativley if you would like to discuss this product or have any questions regarding our Pressure Care range, please call us on 01978 351926.

Please take a look at the following Testimonals from satisifed users of the Treat-Eezi pads;

W. Jones, (Carer)

Left inproperley treated, Pressure sores can become a very dangerous problem, with the long term risks including;

● Can be life threatening.
● Infection can spread to the blood, heart and bone.
● Amputations.
● Prolonged bed rest.
● Autonomic dysreflexia.

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