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Stairlifts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with an abundance of different features to suit different users and their individual needs. We at DSL aim to help you choose the correct lift,, and we hope this short guide will help give you some things to consider when purchasing a stairlift:

DSL Mobility

The Staircase
As a rule stairlifts fall into two categories, depending on whether the staircase itself is straight (a single flight of stairs without twists, corners or bends) or curved (multiple flights around corners or bends). Straight stairlifts are cheaper, simpler and have a much quicker lead-time, opposed to Curved lifts that require a more expensive bespoke track, built exclusively for that particular staircase.

Straight Stairs

Straight Stairlifts                                                                                                                           Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairs

The Stairlift

For both types of staircase there are options for the lift such as power swivel to help the user to turn at he top of the stairs,powered footrest(cable operated on some lifts) to save bending to lift the footrest and a hinge track to enable the use of the lift when there is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs.We will advise if any of these would be of benefit to the user.
The Property

Are there any physical obstacles for the lift, most commonly at the top or bottom of the stairs that may make using the lift more difficult such as furniture or a radiator? If so these may need to be moved to give the user more space to enter or exit the stairlift. It should also be considered if other people will be using the staircase, if so other precautions might be recommended, such as a more compact lift, to offer more walking space.

The User

Does the intended user struggle to get out of chairs? Are they capable of activating the stairlift’s controls? Do they weigh less than the maximum user weight? These sorts of questions and others may seem probing, but they will help to narrow down our recommendations.

The Budget

There can be a significant price difference between lifts, mostly affected by specification, so having an idea what you want to spend is always helpful. For example instead of an expensive curved stairlift, a user may opt for two straight lifts, and to move between them at the corner platform. There will also likely be the opportunity for a reconditioned lift, or for short-term users, a rental option may prove far cheaper too.

The Advice

At DSL we offer a free stairlift survey, where we visit the property, measure the staircase and talk through suitable options with the client, carers and relatives. These surveys are carried out by our specialist stairlift engineers, not salesmen on a commission, so we can provide honest advice.

The following optional extras are available on some lifts for an additional fee:

Powered Swivel Seat
The seat can be swivelled via controller, once the lift has stopped, improving ease of use in order to mount or dismount the stairlift safely.

Powered Footplate:
This footplate can be operated via controls on either the arm or seat, so that the user does not have to operate the mechanism themselves.

Powered Hinged Track:
a specially adapted track allowing the ends to fold out of the way, when not in use, removing any obstructions to doorways. With a powered hinge, the track will be lifted or lowered via the stairlift’s toggle control.

Drop Nose
A potential alternative to a hinged track, that allows the track to finish much closer to the staircase, saving space and avoiding intrusion.

Downward Seat
The seat is fitted at a 45° angle to the wall, allowing the lift to be used on narrower stairlifts, or for users with limited knee movement.

Specialist Options
A  selection of more specialist options are also available on enquiry including an illuminated footplate.

If you wish to enquire about one of our Stairlifts, then do not hesitate to contact us on 01978 351926 or use our Contact Us page. From there we will arrange for one of our dedicated engineers to perform a free-of-charge, no obligation Stairlift Survey, measuring your Staircase and discussing suitable options with you. We do not employ salespeople, only engineers and they do not work on commission, so we can offer the best possible advice to suit your needs. We will then be able to provide you with a written quote for the discussed options.

From their, if you choose to go ahead with the lift, we will then take a deposit, and arrange an installation as soon as possible (this can be within a few days for in-stock straight stairlifts to a few weeks for bespoke curved lifts).

This stairlifts are guaranteed, parts & labour from date of purchase. It is covered for any defects or faults within the defined period.

Unfortunately guarantees do not cover accidental damage, product misuse or any callouts resulting from an electrical item being switched off.

Making a Claim
In order to make a claim against your guarantee, for online customers we would recommend they contact us via our usual methods, to discuss the fault and arrange any repairs or replacements.

For In-Store customers, we would advise you to either contact us as above, or to call into one of our showrooms (with the item if possible), the item will then be repaired free-of-charge in our workshop. However if you would like the repair carried out at your home or for it to be collected by DSL, then additional fees will apply, parts and labour will still be free-of-charge.

For larger, non-portable items, are exempt from this charge, and we are able to repair them under guarantee on-site.

Exempted products include; R&R Chairs, Stairlifts, Beds, Hoists and larger Mobility Scooters or Powerchairs.

Even outside the guarantee period, we would be happy to repair your mobility item (no-matter, where you originally bought it). These repairs can be carried out in our workshop or at your home (at an additional charge). Please contact us for more information.

If you would like an item serviced by our workshop team; this can easily be arranged in-store or via our regular contact methods. Should we discover any faults that will require additional parts or labour charges, will always contact you first, before to discuss possible options.

We also offer maintenance for these  product with our  coverplan options once it’s guarantee expires.

The stairlift will be fully serviced every 12 months. (From £50 per Year)

The stairlift will be covered for parts and labour from any callouts during office hours and includes a full service every 12 months. (From £265 per Year)

The stairlift will be covered for parts and labour from any callouts, including those outside office hours and includes a full service every 12 months. (From £325 per Year)

This product is exempt from VAT if you are chronically sick or disabled, under the VAT act of 1994.
DSL Mobility will take care of all VAT elements, you do not have to reclaim the VAT. You only pay the price excluding VAT, providing you sign the exemption box at the checkout.