Stairlifts are how we started over 20 years ago, so no-one knows them as well as we do. This experience has allowed us to optimise our installation process to offer you the best combination of quality, price , lead time and aftercare.

We even have demo models available to try in our Wrexham showroom which combined with the knowledge of our specialist engineers will give you all the information to make a decision.

But to start you off, please see this quick guide to help point you in the right direction.

Your Staircase

This is perhaps the most determinant factor in choosing a lift. Most staircases consist of a single, straight flight of stairs, however others may feature bends, corners or even multiple stories. All of these can be catered to, we can even fit stairlifts to spiral staircases.

Your Home

We may also need to consider the layout of your home in general, for example we may need to fit an additional mains socket for the stairlift, or move a radiator. Far more commonly however we may need to take into account doorways at the top or foot of the stairs, other potential obstructions.

We can easily solve these problems by utilising space saving hinged tracks that fold away when not in use, or similar technologies to ensure the lift infringes from the staircase as little as possible.

Your Needs

The needs of the user should also be taken into account, as we may need to factor in the user’s weight, or height and medical condition, for example: Do they have issues sitting or standing? Can they fold the footrest themselves? Can they operate the controls easily?

There are solutions to all of these problems such as fitting an Heavy-Duty Upgrade to improve the weight limit or utilising a different type of control.

Your Budget

We can offer stairlifts to suit most budgets with reconditioned straight stairlifts starting at only £495.00, we can also offer Rental Options for short term use.


We will discuss these factors with you in-order to help you choose the correct lift for you. Please see below for a further breakdown of the main types of stairlift and their applications.


Straight Staircases

Perfect for straight, single flight staircases. We have a variety of models available, starting at £1195.00 new, and £495.00 reconditioned. Straight lifts are available with numerous extra features including powered footplates and powered swivel mechanisms to make using the lift easier, as well as numerous space saving hinged tracks and more.

We can usually fit a straight lift within a few days of completing a survey of the staircase.

Curved Staircases

If your staircase has any bends or corners, you will likely need to look at a curved lift. the track needs to be built bespoke by specialist manufacturers, so there is a significant price increase, starting at £3295.00 new and from £2595.00 reconditioned (a new bespoke track, but reconditioned seat and chassis). Curved lifts are available with most of the same extras as straight lifts.

Some curved staircases may be suitable for the cheaper alternative of fitting 2 straight lifts, providing the user is capable of transferring between them at the corner.

We can usually fit a curved lift within a few weeks of completing a survey of the staircase.

External Staircases

We can even fit specially adapted lifts to outdoor staircases. These lifts are made from more durable plastics and rust-proof metals to create a waterproof lift capable of withstanding the elements.