Here at DSL, our focus has always been on our customers; ensuring not-only that they end up with the best product for them, but that its well looked after for the years to come. This is the simple truth we have built our reputation on, and how we differ from our competition, especially when it comes to stairlifts.


We’ve been active for over 20 years, and stairlifts have always been the core of our business. This means that we know stairlifts like no-one else: Our engineers install and repair lifts all day, every day and as a result have become experts on the subject, being able to both fit lifts quickly with minimal impact to customers as well as being able to diagnose and repair any faults with impressive efficiency.


We don’t employ salespeople, only engineers who don’t work on commission and as a result can offer honest, unbiased advice as to what stairlift(s) would better suit your needs, as well as what reconditioned or rental options we can offer as alternatives.


We don’t want to sell inferior products, as a result we source the best stairlifts available from around the world and ensure that we fit only reliable lifts with easily available parts.

Even our reconditioned stairlifts are in excellent condition, with each unit being fully cleaned and serviced by our workshop staff prior to installation, so that even older lifts are in excellent working order.


We have a fleet of 8 vans out on the road every day, allowing us to not only cover a large area, but cover it well. We can fit most straight stairlifts within days of the initial survey (stock permuting), and within a month for curved stairlifts (due to the track having to be custom built).

For callouts too, we can be with you ASAP, especially in-case of emergency instead of waiting for a national firm to fit you in. We even have an engineer on-call 24/7 in case of emergency breakdown, so you can put your mind at ease.


We want to look after you and your stairlift or years to come, and in order to make this as easy and cost-effective as possible we offer a selection of coverplan options, giving you peace of mind in case of a fault or breakdown, that not only will we be there ASAP, but that the costs are already paid for (parts and labour), and that we will minimise the chance of faults by including an annual service into every coverplan.